Vermont Fish Advisories

The Health Department recommends that people limit eating some fish caught in Vermont waters. These advisories are based on tests of fish caught in Vermont waters and scientific information about the harmful effects of mercury and, in the case of large lake trout in Lake Champlain and all fish in the Hoosic River, PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls).

You can mix and match fish that you catch or buy with the same limits, but once you meet the lowest limit, eat no more fish that month. Do not eat the monthly limit within a single week.

Store bought fresh and canned fish — including tuna — have mercury levels that are about the same as many Vermont-caught fish. Add in-store bought fish when you decide how many fish meals to eat each month.

One fish meal = 8 ounces uncooked fish

The Fish Health Alert lists which fish and how many fish meals the Health Department recommends eating in one month.

Call 802-863-7220 or 800-439-8550 (toll-free in Vermont) if you have questions about mercury in fish.

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Fish Contaminant Monitoring Committee (FCMC)

The Fish Contaminant Monitoring Committee (FCMC) guides Vermont’s work to sample fish for mercury and other harmful contaminants. The FCMC is made up of the departments of Health, Environmental Conservation and Fish & Wildlife. The FCMC helps decide if fish in Vermont are safe to eat.

Find out when the Fish Contaminant Monitoring Committee meets