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Climate Change Affects Our Health

Climate change in Vermont is resulting in hotter summers, shorter winters, and more frequent storms. These trends are expected to continue in the future. The devastation from Tropical Storm Irene, the increasing occurrence of Lyme disease, and more frequent cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) blooms are just a few examples of how climate change can impact Vermonters’ health. While everyone’s health is affected by climate change, certain people and places are more vulnerable than others.

Taking action to minimize the impacts of climate change can improve the health of Vermonters today and in the future.

What You Need to Know About Climate Change and Health

  1. Climate change is already happening, and is expected to continue.

  2. Climate change is increasing health risks in Vermont

  3. Certain people and places are at greater risk for climate-related health impacts.

  4. Responding to climate change can benefit health now and in the future.

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