Guidance for school administrators and school nurses in the developing, implementing and evaluating school health services. For more information about the process for updating and maintaining information contained in this manual, or the history of its development, see the Introduction section. 

01. Introduction
02. Adult Health Services
03. Allergy Management - Life Threatening
03. Allergy Management: A) Act 68 of 2013
03. Allergy Management: B) Policy Statement on Epinephrine Auto-injectors
03. Allergy Management: C) Recognize the Common Anaphylaxis Symptoms
03. Allergy Management: D) Sample Allergy Checklists for Allergy Management
03. Allergy Management: E) Protocol for the Use of Stock Epinephrine Auto-injectors
03. Allergy Management: F) The Emergency Healthcare Plan for Individuals with Known Life-threatening Allergies
03. Allergy Management: G) Prevention, Protocols, Implementation, Training Resources
03. Allergy Management: H) The Standing Order Form and Instructions
03. Allergy Management: I) Storage, Handling and Disposal
04. Bloodborne Pathogens
05. Child Abuse and Neglect
06. Communicable Disease
07. Confidentiality
07. Confidentiality: A) Sample Confidentiality Agreement
07. Confidentiality: B) Sample Release of Information Form 
08. Family Engagement
09. Delegation
10. Documentation
11. Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Use
11. Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Use: A) Vermont Opioid Review
12. Emergency/Disaster Preparedness
13. Environmental Health
14. Evaluation of Health Services
14. Evaluation of Health Services: A) FAQ Supervision and Evaluation
15. First Aid
15. First Aid: A) Sample Incident Form
16. Health Appraisal of Students

16. Health Appraisal of Students: A) Annual Health Update Form Template
16. Health Appraisal of Students: B) New Enrollment Health Form
16. Health Appraisal of Students: C) Sample School Nurse Calendar of Suggested Activities
17. Health Education
18. Immunizations
19. Liability
20. Licensing
21. Medical/Dental Home
22. Medications
22. Medications: A) Out of State Field Trips: Medication and Procedures
22. Medications: B) Field Trip Emergency Information and Medical Form
22. Medications: C) Medication Administration Training in the School Setting Form
22. Medications: D) Medication Incident Report
22. Medications: E) Medication Procedure
22. Medications: F) Verbal Medical Order Form
22. Medications: G) Comprehensive Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Prevention
22. Medications: H) Naloxone Advisory: Emergency Treatment for Opioid Overdose
22. Medications: I) Naloxone Memo: Options for Accessing Naloxone
22. Medications: J) Sample Training for Vermont School Nurses - Naloxone
22. Medications: K) Sample training of Naloxone Administration
22. Medications: L) Sample Core Competencies (MA Department of Health)
22. Medications: M) Sample Non-prescription and Prescription Forms
22. Medications: N) Medication Training Guide
23. Mental and Behavioral Health
24. Nutrition
25. School Health Services Practice
25. School Health Services Practice: A) School Health Practice and Prekindergarten Services
26. Screening
26. Screening: B) Sample Templates Screening
27. Students with Special Health Needs
27. Students with Special Health Needs: A) Template - Sample ADHD Individual Healthcare Plan
27. Students with Special Health Needs: B) Template - Worksheet DNAR
27. Students with Special Health Needs: C) Template - Emergency Action Plan
27. Students with Special Health Needs: D) Health Accommodations Template
28. Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child
29. Vermont and Federal Laws Pertaining to School Health Services