Testing and Related Guidance

The Vermont Department of Health Laboratory performs influenza testing for public health surveillance purposes to document influenza activity in the community.
More about influenza activity and surveillance

Influenza RT-PCR testing to confirm influenza and determine type is performed at the Department of Health Laboratory on Tuesday and Friday of each week. It is available to providers who contribute to the national sentinel surveillance program. If you would like to have RT-PCR testing for influenza available to your practice, please join the sentinel provider program by calling (802) 863-7240.

CDC Guidance for Clinicians on the Use of Rapid Influenza Diagnostic Tests

Antiviral Medications: Treatment and Prophylaxis

Information on the use of influenza antiviral medications from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention.

Infection Control Resources

Infection Control Measures in Long-Term Care Facilities (CDC)

Influenza Reporting

Reportable by Medical Providers, Hospitals, School Health Officials:

  • Institutional outbreaks

  • Pediatric influenza-related deaths

  • Suspected cases of influenza due to a novel strain of influenza A

Reportable by Laboratories:

  • Positive influenza PCR

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Clinical Description and Lab Diagnosis of Influenza (CDC)
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Customizable Flu Clinic Poster
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Flu Information for Health Professionals (CDC)
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