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The Health Department works to be sure that all Vermonters can use the information, services and resources that we share. We want to be accessible to everyone and inclusive of all people. 

“Accessible” means materials are within reach, they can be seen, used and understood. “Inclusive” means we involve and accommodate people who have historically been left out, for example because of race, gender or ability. You can read more about how we do this work on our Health Equity webpage.

Our goal is to follow recommended steps to be sure that Health Department information and services are accessible and inclusive.  

How We Are Doing with Meeting Standards

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines tell what is required so that a website will be easier for people with disabilities to use. The guidelines describe three levels of accessibility: Level A, Level AA and Level AAA. Level AAA means the best accessibility. At this time, the Health Department goal is to meet Level AA. meets the Level AA standard most of the time. We are working to improve accessibility. There are also parts of the website that already meet the highest level of accessibility (Level AAA). An example of this is that some of the videos we post include American Sign Language interpretation.

Steps We Are Taking to be Accessible and Inclusive

•    Make our website and all files accessible (meeting the Level AA guidelines).
•    Teach all staff how to make communications accessible.
•    Provide ongoing accessibility training for our staff.
•    Involve people with disabilities to give input to improve our website and to plan changes.
•    Show people with disabilities in our design and images.

Limitations and Other Choices

We try our best to ensure accessibility at the Health Department, but there may be some limitations. One known limitation has to do with older documents. Older documents might not work with assistive technologies - like screen readers - because they were created in a way that does not support accessibility. When someone asks, we change these documents to newer, accessible formats. Please email if you have a request.

Feedback and Accomodations

We welcome your feedback on the accessibility of this website. If you have difficulty accessing a page or resource, please let us know so we can improve our accessibility.  You can email We work to answer accessibility feedback in 5 business days.

If you need an accommodation for an event, or to read a document or other information, contact the event organizer or document owner. If you don’t know who that is, email

Vermont Policy and Procedure

Accessibility Policy |
ADA/ADAAA Grievance Procedure Number 10.2

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