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Report suspect or active TB cases by calling the Epidemiology program at 802-863-7240 (available 24/7). You can also call this number for expert medical consultation, for more information about TB services, and for educational materials.

To report LTBI or a positive IGRA, submit the LTBI Report Form.

Laboratory Testing

The Vermont Department of Health Laboratory performs diagnostic testing (smear, culture, nucleic acid amplification rapid testing) for tuberculosis. 

Learn more about testing at the Public Health Lab.

Treatment Guidance

The Health Department provides treatment medications at no charge to the patient. We will pay for TB clinical follow-up for patients who are uninsured or underinsured. Call the TB program for more information on reimbursement for TB services.

Active TB disease must always be ruled out before starting treatment for latent TB infection. Infectious disease specialists from the University of Vermont Medical Center can provide consultation to Vermont health care providers who are caring for patient who have active TB disease or latent TB infection. Health care providers may call the Health Department to arrange for a consultation, or call the University of Vermont Medical Center provider access system directly (802-847-2700) to be connected with the infectious disease physician on call. 


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