Immunization Program staff work with primary care providers to ensure they have the resources needed to vaccinate their patients across the lifespan. We provide:

  • All CDC routinely recommended vaccines for any child and most adults at no cost through enrollment in the Vermont Vaccine Program (VVP).  The VVP consists of the Vermont Child Vaccine Program (VCVP) and the Vermont Adult Vaccine Program (VAVP).
    • VCVP: Covers those eligible for the federal Vaccines for Children (VFC) program, as well as the privately insured population under age 19.
    • VAVP: Covers all adults ages 19-64. COVID-19, and outbreak prevention vaccines are available to all adults regardless of age. 
  • Access to the Vaccine Inventory Management System (VIMS), available through the Vermont Immunization Registry (IMR), which includes oversight and review for all vaccine orders.
  • Training, resources, and support for vaccine ordering, management, temperature monitoring, and use of the IMR. 
  • Immunization Quality Improvement for Providers (IQIP), emphasizing process steps for on-time vaccination.


2023/2024 Flu Season

2023/2024 Flu Resources

Flu Clinics

Offsite flu clinics are encouraged to increase access in your community. See the Storage and Handling page, Section II - Offsite Clinics - Guidance and Resources for more information.  

Important resources for clinics: 

Flu Vaccine Availability and Ordering

The flu vaccine is available to order by all VCVP and participating VAVP enrolled providers starting September 7.  See the Vaccine Ordering page, Flu Only Ordering for more information.

Coadministration with COVID-19 Vaccine

You may administer COVID-19 and influenza vaccines (both live, attenuated, and non-live influenza vaccines) without regard to timing (on the same day or within any time interval). There are no safety concerns for coadministration. When deciding whether to coadminister another vaccine(s) with COVID-19 vaccine, consider:

  • Whether the patient is behind or at risk of becoming behind on recommended vaccines
  • The patient’s risk of vaccine-preventable disease
  • The reactogenicity profile of the vaccines
  • The likelihood of avoiding a missed opportunity to vaccinate

Refer to the CDC’s COVID-19 Interim Clinical Considerations for more information.


Vermont Vaccine Program Updates

The Immunization Program at the Vermont Department of Health introduces the Vermont Vaccine Program Update. This new monthly communication is intended to bring you important information in a concise format. This will replace the previous Vermont Immunization Bulletin and COVID-19 Vaccine Program Update.
All contacts of the Vermont Vaccine Program will receive this update automatically and cannot unsubscribe from the mailing.  If you are not a contact of the Vermont Vaccine Program and wish to receive the program updates by e-mail, you may subscribe.
Vermont Vaccine Program Update