The Immunization Program collaborates with primary care and other providers for effective vaccination administration throughout patients' lives.

Ensuring Accessible Immunization at No-Cost for Most Vermonters
Enhancing Vaccination Rates and Care Quality through Provider Support and Best Practices
Provides Comprehensive Oversight & Efficient Vaccine Inventory Management

Vermont Vaccine Program (VVP): Offers CDC-recommended vaccines for children and most adults at no cost, comprising:

  • Vermont Child Vaccine Program (VCVP): For those eligible under the VFC program and privately insured individuals under 19.
  • Vermont Adult Vaccine Program (VAVP): For adults 19-64, including COVID-19 and outbreak prevention vaccines for all adults.

Vaccine Inventory Management System (VIMS): Provides oversight and review for vaccine orders through the Vermont Immunization Registry (IMR), ensuring efficient inventory management.

Immunization Quality Improvement for Providers (IQIP): Focuses on timely vaccination and process guidance while aiming to improve vaccination rates and care quality.

Training, Resources, and Support: Offers assistance for vaccine ordering, management, temperature monitoring, and IMR use, equipping providers with necessary knowledge and tools.

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Vermont Vaccine Program Update
The Immunization Program at the Vermont Department of Health introduces the Vermont Vaccine Program Update. This new monthly communication is intended to bring you important information in a concise format. This will replace the previous Vermont Immunization Bulletin and COVID-19 Vaccine Program Update.
All contacts of the Vermont Vaccine Program will receive this update automatically and cannot unsubscribe from the mailing.  If you are not a contact of the Vermont Vaccine Program and wish to receive the program updates by e-mail, you may subscribe.
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