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What is Strong Families Vermont Home Visiting?

We are here to partner with you and make this parenting journey easier. We offer: 

  • Free, convenient, flexible visits with your own nurse or family support professional.   
  • Help begins at any point in pregnancy or through the child’s age of 5, home visiting is available for any child through age 5, and it does not need to be your first. 

At home visits, we cover a variety of topics, and support the whole family with: 

  • Pregnancy, birthing, and postpartum care   
  • Lactation support and nutrition education
  • Parenting support
  • Caring for your baby and young child  
  • Ways to play and connect with your baby that supports child development.  
  • Connection to other services, programs, and families.  

This program is helpful for anyone expecting a new baby or taking care of young children. 

We’re Here to Help. To Get Started: 

CALL 211 ext. 6 or TEXT HMGVT to 898211
or CONNECT with your local CIS Coordinator
You can also enter your information in the form below, and a Help Me Grow Care Coordinator will contact you.
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How do Home Visits Work?

A nurse or trained family support professional will meet you at your location when it is convenient for you. They will: 

  • Begin by discussing what types of support you may have, 
  • Work with you to set goals for your child’s overall growth, health, and wellbeing.

Our home visitors work with pregnant people (it does not have to your first child) and new parents through the transition to parenthood, with continued support through the early years (through age 5). While there can be some variation regarding eligibility or length of service, all home visiting services include free support from nurses or family support professionals who will meet with you regularly. Our home visitors partner with you to tailor the services and resources that best meet your needs.

Strong Families Vermont Nurse Home Visiting Program - MECSH
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Strong Families Vermont Nurse Home Visiting is a free, voluntary program that provides you with a nurse who is dedicated to you and your family's questions and needs beginning in pregnancy or soon after birth. Nurse home visitors meet you at home, at the park, or wherever it feels right. The nurse addresses questions and offers guidance about your infant's health, developmental play, and care needs. The nurse supports your parenting journey despite life's challenges, and will help you get connected to other resources and networks in your community. It's flexible. Take a step and ask your health care provider for a referral or call Help Me Grow at 211 ext 6 and ask about home visiting to get started. 

"My nurse was absolutely amazing. I wish I could keep her! She made me feel more confident as a first time mom."

Internationally, this program is known as Maternal Early Childhood Sustained Home Visiting  (MECSH). 

MECSH: Maternal Early Childhood Sustained Home-visiting Logo
Strong Families Vermont Family Support Home Visiting Program - PAT
Strong Families Vermont Support logo

Strong Families Vermont Family Support Home Visiting Program is a free home visiting program for families with children through the age of 5. A family support home visitor will meet with you at home, in the park, or wherever you like. The focus is on your child's development and understanding your family’s needs and goals so your home visitor can support your whole family. Through your home visitor you'll gain access to knowledge and resources on parenting and community supports.

Nationally, this program is known as Parents as Teachers (PAT)

Parents as Teachers logo

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