The Health Department is one of the largest departments in state government. We are proud to work to promote and protect the health of Vermonters. Read about our mission

Public health is the science and art of preventing disease, prolonging healthy life and promoting physical and mental health. There are many kinds of careers in public health — which one fits your background and your dreams?

Health Department Job Openings

What You Can Expect


Pari, dental hygienist, helps a child learn to brush.

For most positions, the Health Department is able to support a hybrid work environment. This means that, if they wish, employees work from home part of the time. When they are hired, employees work with their supervisor to create a schedule that aligns with business needs. We believe a hybrid work environment allows for increased flexibility and greater work-life balance.

Culture and Values

Our success and our workplace culture are interdependent. Our culture is driven by passion for our mission. We are committed to these values:

  • Creativity, innovation and calculated risk-taking
  • Open and transparent leadership
  • Staff expertise, autonomy and excellence
  • Professional growth through individual development plans, special projects and opportunities to stretch
  • Wellness and work-life balance

The diverse experiences and varied perspectives of employees help us to serve all Vermonters. 
Read about how the State of Vermont supports an inclusive work culture

Employees Say

lab worker
Becky, microbiologist, at work in the public health lab.

In a recent employee engagement survey, 95% of Health Department employees say “My fellow employees are committed to doing good work.

"The Vermont Department of Health not only supports professional growth and development, but also work life balance. Until now, I had never worked on a team that has provided this level of support on all fronts. Prioritizing inclusiveness, health, team bonding, and the interests of employees and the community, it really is a rewarding place to be."  - Meghan, public health nurse

"I love working with committed and caring co-workers who are passionate about helping all Vermonters live healthier and happier lives. It makes it easy to come to work each morning." - Rudy, local health district director

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Jenna, public health nutritionist, helps a child steer to a WIC appointment.

"Working at the Vermont Department of Health means you are surrounded by passionate, like-minded colleagues who want to make a difference in public health and who strive to improve the health of Vermonters on a daily basis. I am constantly inspired and motivated by the conversations and meetings I have with my colleagues." - Stephanie, analyst

"The work that I do everyday is making the wonderful Vermont communities I love healthier and happier. I could not emphasize this honor and privilege enough. I feel so connected to my job knowing that my neighbors, friends, coworkers, loved ones, and fellow Vermonters are directly benefitting from my work, and the Health Department's work. Working at the Health Department redefines what "meaningful" employment really means, and I am so proud to be a part of this team." - Emily, epidemiologist

Kathleen, marketing director, takes photos to promote vaccines. Paul, operations administrator, gets his shot from Shannon, nurse.
Marlee, nutritionist, shops with a mom and toddler
Tanya (center), tobacco control program manager, installs car seats for Ali, program evaluator, and Marissa, substance use prevention specialist.
Gillian, nutritionist, weighing a content baby at a WIC appointment.
Cheryl, microbiology program chief, Joyce, safety compliance chief and Chad, director of field operations, deliver COVID-19 test kits.

Benefits of Working for the State of Vermont

Christina, nutrition assistant, enjoys the company of her daughter, Brynn, who joined Christina at work her first six months, thanks to Vermont's Infants at Work policy.

Benefits include paid leave, health/dental insurance, a pension plan, life insurance, opportunities for growth and promotion, and more.
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Sarah, emergency preparedness specialist, Joan Marie, local health district director, and Tanya, public health nurse supervisor find joy during COVID-19 testing.


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