Sometimes children need extra help with their daily self-care routine.  Children’s Personal Care Services may be able to help families and caregivers to pay for one-on-one assistance for a child needing assistance with dressing, bathing, grooming, toileting, eating and/or mobility.

Who is eligible for Children’s Personal Care Services?

To be eligible, a child must:

  • Be younger than age 21
  • Have Vermont Medicaid
  • Be diagnosed with a health condition or disability by a licensed medical provider or clinician; and
  • Need help with tasks like dressing, bathing, grooming, toileting, eating or mobility
How does a family apply for Children’s Personal Care Services?

To apply for services, the family must work with a trained assessor at their regional designated agency to complete the Children’s Personal Care application. The assessor will then send the completed application to Children's Personal Care Services to review and make a decision.

How does a family access services for their child?

Children’s Personal Care Services is mostly a family-directed support. Families have control over who, how and when someone provides care to their child, within Medicaid guidelines.

Families or caregivers can hire the best person to meet the needs of their child. There are, however, a few rules about who can and cannot be hired - including policies relating to family members, age of paid caregiver and background checks. See the program guidelines.

Families and caregivers use a payroll agent (ARIS Solutions) to help them pay personal care attendants. The payroll agent makes sure personal care attendants (PCAs) are enrolled as employees after running background checks, the PCA is paid, state and federal taxes are paid and employees are covered by Unemployment and Workers' Compensation Insurance.

A completed Children’s Personal Care Services application includes
Your Right to Appeal
Childrens Personal Care Services Health Care Administrative Rule
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