Health insurance is the first step in being able to access health care and screenings for children and youth. The Vermont Department of Health wants to ensure all children have health insurance, medical and dental homes,  and families are receiving all recommended age-appropriate health care.  Signing your child up for insurance lets you work with health care professionals to identify and address your child’s specific physical, emotional, and developmental needs to keep them healthy. 

Insurance  information
Dr. Dynasaur- Medicaid  Low-cost or free health insurance for children, teenagers under age 19, and for pregnant people. Call 1-800-250-8427 for more information about what services are covered. 
Vermont Health Connect  Information about health insurance plans, determine which plans you may be eligible for, make changes to your existing plan purchased through Vermont Health Connect, report a change in circumstance, and contact someone to receive in-person help when choosing your insurance plan. Call 855-899-9600 
Preventative Care Schedule Learn about the recommended health screenings for your child from birth to age 21 years. 
Insurance for Adults

Learn more about options for insurance for adults in Vermont.


If you are an educator or provider looking for resources, please see the Resources for Educators and Providers page. 

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