How do I get a direct license verification?

Go to the 'Application Licensing and Fees' page on our website for more information. 

How long does it take to get a license or certification?

The average timeframe for the licensing/certification process is 6 to 12 weeks. Once the online application has been completed, and all required documentation has been received, the Board will approve the license/certification at the next scheduled board meeting.

  • If an applicant has answered "YES" to questions regarding malpractice, convictions, etc., the application will be reviewed by the Licensing Committee prior to presentation at the Board meeting. If the committee has questions, there may be a delay in the approval process.
Do I need to pay the application fee right away?

No, the fee can be submitted at any time, but it must be received in order for the application to be presented at the Board meeting.

The application will not be considered "complete" until payment has been received by the Board. The fee is non-refundable.

What is required for licensure?

Requirements for licensure as identified in statute are found in Title 26:

Physicians Chapter 23: Medicine

Physician Assistants Chapter 31, 1733
Podiatrists Chapter 7, 371

U.S. graduates must have two years of post-graduate training in the U.S. at an ACGME-approved program. Foreign graduates must have at least three years of post-graduate training in the U.S. at an ACGMS-approved program. Canada is acceptable as a U.S. program. Instructions and requirements for licensure are also found in the online system once an applicant has created an account.

I have a physician training license and want to apply for a full license. What can I use from my physician training license file?

Full licensure verifications require additional information and a new application, therefore nothing from the physician training license file can be used.

What is included in the FCVS packet?

FCVS will collect the verification portion of the medical school, post graduate training, specialty certificates, exam scores, and birth certificate/naturalization certificate.

Your website states that you accept the Uniform Application (UA), but when I go to the UA portal it states that you do not accept the UA.

The UA is incorporated into the Vermont online application, but the system does not pre-populate the application with the UA information. Applicants must enter the information into the system and complete the full application.

Will you accept my passport to verify my identity?

No. Passports are not an acceptable form of verification of identity. We only accept certified birth certificates or naturalization certificates for foreign applicants.

Why won't you send back my birth certificate?

We retain all original copies of all documents including birth certificates. Applicants have the option to send an original with their application and then have a certified copy sent to the office later. Once we receive the certified copy, we will return the original.

What license verifications are required?

Verification of any license ever held, including active, inactive, training, temporary, or limited is required.

What is required for post-graduate training verification?

Direct verification from post-graduate training is required. Research years do not require verification.

What direct verification do I need if I went to more than one medical school?

Direct verification from all medical schools attended is required (e.g. If the applicant started at one school and received the MD from another school, direct verification will be required from both schools).

What are the acceptable medical schools?

To be eligible for a medical license in Vermont, applicants must have attended a medical school that is recognized by the California Medical Board. For a list of the approved medical schools, visit the California Medical Board

What is meant by the 'Statement of Good Standing'?

When considering what to select for the question about an applicant's "Statement of Good Standing" in Vermont, select "yes" only if taxes are not owed. If taxes are owed, or there are any judgements, applicants are not eligible until those are paid. Applicants will be required to submit documentation of the written agreement with the tax department.

How to best answer the 'Child Support Question'?

When considering what to select for the answer regarding child support, select the option that best applies to you.

What is the American Medical Association (AMA) Profile?

Applicants must submit a request for an American Medical Association Profile (AMA) to be sent directly to the board from the AMA. An AMA membership is not required; however, this documentation is required for all applicants.

What is the National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB) self-query?

Effective September 1, 1990, the federal government opened the National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB), which was mandated by congress to track regulatory board disciplinary actions and certain actions resulting from peer review and malpractice payments. Applicants must submit a self-query request and send the original, unaltered response to the Board. Any specific questions about the process can be directed to the NPDB at 1-800-767-6732.

What do I need for reinstatement of my licensure?

Applicants seeking to reinstate their medical license must complete the reinstatement application in the online system. Medical school, post-graduate training, exam scores, birth certificate, and FCVS information will not be required, but all licensures will need to be re-verified. For instructions and requirements, log into the online system and select the reinstatement application.