• As of November 1st, child care and out-of-school program distributions of COVID tests have ended. 

  • COVID-19 testing should no longer be required in decision-making.  

  • Programs are encouraged to use the same principles with COVID-19 that they use with other infectious respiratory diseases. If a child or staff member is too sick to participate in group care, they should be sent home. 

  • Child care providers should revisit their pre-COVID-19 child care sickness policies. Good communication with pediatric medical homes in your district is important to the success of illness policies. Aligning your approach with local medical practices will promote better outcomes.  

  • If families ask where they can access testing, the COVID-19 testing page has the most up to date information for Vermonters.  

Find general guidance on preventing COVID-19, vaccines, testing, symptoms and treatment.

If a child or staff member has tested positive, and you need assistance:  

  • You can contact your Local Health Office (preferred) with your contact information, or email AHS.VDHEPICOVID19Program@vermont.gov.  

  • Please do not include names, dates of birth, or other identifying information for the child or staff member in your email.  

  • You can contact the Health Department's Infectious Disease Epidemiology team at: 802-863-7240 Option 2 (Mon-Fri 7:45 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.)  



Resource  Description 
Department of Health COVID-19 Page Find general guidance on preventing COVID-19, vaccines, symptoms and treatment.
COVID-19 Testing Page Learn more about COVID-19 testing in Vermont.
DCF COVID-19 Recommendations Memo from DCF on COVID-19 in care.
COVID-19 guidance for PreK-12 schools For awareness on the recommendations Vermont Department of Health has made for the schools regarding COVID-19.
Proper Handwashing Poster Poster from Department of Health for use in your program.
Respiratory Diseases Information from UVM Health Network on what you need to know about RSV, Flu and COVID right now.


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