Resources for Grantees & Contractors

As a grantee or contractor of the Health Department's Division of Substance Use Programs (DSU), you are responsible to submit required forms, adhere to federal and state regulations and demonstrate that funds are used in accordance with your agreements.

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As a grantee or contractor, you are required to submit and keep the following forms up-to-date and on file with the state:

  • Insurance Certificate
  • Provider/Contractor Summary forms
  • W-9 (must be signed)
  • SAM Account, if required

You can also find information about System for Award Management (SAM) federal requirements. The state uses specific grant and contract templates with state standard attachments that grantees and contractors can review.

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Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act Sub-award Reporting System
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Form W-9, Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification
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System for Award Management (SAM)