RSV (Respiratory syncytial virus) is a common respiratory virus that generally spreads during fall and winter. Nearly all children will get RSV for the first time before the age of two. It’s possible to get RSV more than once and...
How many Vermonters are vaccinated against COVID-19 and the flu? This dashboard includes COVID-19 and flu vaccination data for Vermont residents that were reported to the Vermont Immunization Registry . This information is more detailed than CDC’s state-level data and...
Everyone 6 months of age and older is eligible to get a vaccine. Find out where to get vaccinated, see dosage recommendations, and find resources if you need assistance.
Find the most current information and guidance on vaccine ordering, administration, storage & handling and more.
If you plan to travel outside the country, you may need immunizations to protect yourself against diseases that aren’t common in the United States.
This page provides you with the information you need to vaccinate with confidence.
Vaccines are a simple, safe, and effective way of protecting yourself against harmful diseases.
Vaccination coverage, or the percent of people who have received particular vaccines, is measured at national, state and local levels.
Very high immunization coverage is necessary to prevent the spread of many vaccine preventable diseases.
Vermont is a universal state, where the state Immunization Program purchases vaccines from the CDC federal contract at no cost to providers, for use in all children and adults under 65. In order to receive vaccines, a provider practice must...