Learn about opioid overdose including the signs of an overdose, what to do to save a life and the six steps you can take to prevent overdose.
When addiction affects someone close to you, what do you do? It can be scary and confusing. You may feel angry and distrustful. How can you understand what’s happening to that person? Here you’ll find information about addiction, treatment, and...
Keep yourself and those around you safe.
How cannabis can affect your baby.
How you can positively influence youth behaviors and attitudes about cannabis.
Home visitors partnering with parents and caregivers to best meet the unique needs of each family We work with families to: Build on the strengths of your whole family Support your parenting skills Support early learning for your child Provide...
Supporting strong family connections has helped to reduce alcohol and cannabis use among youth in Vermont. Family programs promote healthy family relationships and strengthen parenting skills to help prevent and address youth alcohol or other drug use.
Health campaigns related to alcohol and other drug use. Resources for grantees and partners.