For Immediate Release: October 31, 2023 Media Contacts: Ben Truman │ Vermont Department of Health 802-316-2117 / 802-863-7281 Nellie Marvel │ Cannabis Control Board Free Lockable Storage Bags Will Help Keep Children from Accessing Cannabis Products Accidental ingestion...
Keep yourself and those around you safe.
What medical professionals need to know about cannabis.
How cannabis can affect your baby.
How you can positively influence youth behaviors and attitudes about cannabis.
What you need to know about using cannabis before age 21.
Information for health professionals to help their patients with issues related to alcohol and other drugs.
Substance misuse in Vermonters age 65 and older is increasing. Be aware of unhealthy substance use, identify risks, and find treatment and recovery services.
Health Impact Assessments are data-driven examinations of proposed projects and policies that shape our communities. The Health Impact Assessment process outlines potential public health impacts and considerations, providing policy makers and stakeholders with a valuable tool to inform their planning...
Vermonters have higher cannabis use rates than the country overall. Early and continuous use of cannabis can affect brain development. Learn more about cannabis use in Vermont.