The Vermont Statewide Incident Reporting Network (SIREN) is a comprehensive electronic prehospital patient care data collection, analysis, and reporting system that has been in use since 2010. EMS reporting serves several important functions, including legal documentation, quality improvement initiatives, billing, and evaluation of individual and agency performance measures. For more information or assistance, contact the EMS office by email or at (800) 244-0911.

Requests for SIREN Assistance
  • If you are an EMS provider that needs assistance with your SIREN account, contact your agency's SIREN Administrator.

  • If you are the SIREN Rescue Service Administrator for your EMS agency and need assistance, please refer to the resources on this webpage or in SIREN’s Help University before contacting the VDH EMS Office.

  • If you need additional assistance, please send an email to

Submitting a Public Health Records Request

If you would like to submit Records Request, go to Public Records and submit a description of the information you are seeking. 

Not all requests for information are public records requests. If your request for data, records or public information, is determined to be a public records request, the following fees have been established as the actual cost of providing a copy of a public record in accordance with 1 VSA 316(d).

Demonstration Environment for Documentation

If you would like to explore SIREN Elite using the Sandbox account, there are two options:



The NEMSIS 3.5 version will be used by all Vermont EMS Agencies no later than 01/01/2023.

If you experience any issues with accessing the Demonstration Environment, please contact us

National EMS Information System’s (NEMSIS) Data Collection

Vermont is collecting EMS data that is compliant with the National EMS Information System’s (NEMSIS) most recent version. Additional information about NEMSIS and EMS Data in the United States can be found on the NEMSIS website.

Current NEMSIS resources
Previous NEMSIS resources


Training and Resources
First Response 
Software Resources
Rescue Service Administrator Resources
Hospital Hub

Hospital Hub is a web-based emergency medical services portal where hospital emergency departments can receive EMS records of patients transported to their facility.


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