The State of Health Equity in Vermont

Chart: Only 76% of Black adults in Vermont report having a primary care provider, a significant difference compared to the rest of Vermont

Some people in Vermont have more opportunities to lead a healthy life than others, as is seen across many data points and real-life stories. Closing the gap in health outcomes is at the core of our work and one of our strategic goals. To understand current inequities, and see our progress, we analyze and publish data focusing on specific populations in Vermont. The comprehensive information shared here will help all of us working on health equity understand the disparities within Vermont and build a more equitable future.

07/15/2023BRFSS Populations in Focus: Race & EthnicityRace & EthnicityReport
07/15/2023BRFSS Populations in Focus: Sexual Orientation & GenderSexual Orientation & Gender IdentityReport
07/15/2023BRFSS Populations in Focus: Adults with a DisabilityDisabilityReport
10/05/2023YRBS Populations in Focus: Race & EthnicityRace & EthnicityReport
10/05/2023YRBS Populations in Focus: Sexual Orientation & GenderSexual Orientation & Gender IdentityReport
10/05/2023YRBS Populations in Focus: Students with a DisabilityDisabilityReport
02/10/2023VT Cancer Data PagesMultipleData Pages
11/17/2023VT Asthma Data PagesMultipleData Pages
02/05/2023VT Cannabis Data PagesMultipleData Pages
09/20/2023VT Vital Statistics Annual ReportMultipleAnnual Report
10/15/2023Intentional Self-Harm & Death by SuicideMultipleAnnual Report
04/27/2023Opioid-Related Overdoses MultipleAnnual Report
09/10/2023Suicide Data-Linkage ProjectMultipleReport
08/30/2023Social Autopsy ReportMultipleAnnual Report
02/07/2023Heart Disease & Diabetes Data PagesMultipleData Pages
04/05/2023Tobacco Data PagesMultipleData Pages
10/01/2023Youth Tobacco Use DisparitiesMultipleData Brief 
10/02/2023Adult Tobacco Use DisparitiesMultipleData Brief
06/14/2023Chronic Disease & DisabilityDisabilityData Brief
06/14/2023Chronic Disease & Socioeconomic StatusSocioeconomic Data Brief
06/14/2023Chronic Disease LGBTQ+Sexual Orientation & Gender IdentityData Brief
06/14/2023Chronic Disease & Older VermontersAgeData Brief
06/14/2023Chronic Disease + Race & EthnicityRace & EthnicityData Brief
06/14/2023 Chronic Disease & Incarcerated PersonsIncarceration Data Brief
11/03/2022Disability & Risk of SuicideDisabilityData Brief
03/15/2023Burden of Uncontrolled Asthma: Insured by MedicaidSocioeconomic Data Brief
12/13/2022Suicide in Rural VTGeographyData Brief
05/04/2022LGBTQ+ Youth & Suicide PlanSexual Orientation & GenderData Brief
09/21/2022Men & SuicideSexual Orientation & GenderData Brief
06/15/2021Adults with a DisabilityDisabilityData Brief
05/01/2016Heat Vulnerability GeographyReport
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What is Health Equity?

Health Equity exists when all people have a fair and just opportunity to be healthy, especially those who have experienced injustices and other avoidable systemic inequalities.

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