Cardiovascular Disease in Vermont

Cardiovascular Disease (CVD), or heart disease, is a serious health condition that affects over 42,000 Vermonters a year. It is a leading cause of death among Vermonters and in the U.S. overall. Many chronic diseases, including CVD, are preventable, but not all. Learn about individual risk and how the Health Department is helping individuals prevent CVD.

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Cardiovascular Disease Goals and Tracking

Cardiovascular Disease Surveillance Reports

Data Pages

The Heart Disease and Diabetes Data Pages are designed to provide a comprehensive overview of high cholesterol, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, prediabetes, diabetes, and their associated risk factors among Vermont adults from all relevant surveillance sources. The pages provide demographic breakdowns, trends, and equity impacts for all topics. They are useful to those interested in chronic health conditions in Vermont. Last published February 2023.

Goal Tracker

This small document captures the most important measures to track the progress of cardiovascular disease (heart disease) prevention. It includes baseline numbers from when tracking began, the most current values available from each respective data source, and the target value that the prevention program is working to reach. Last published August, 2019.

Data Briefs

Data Briefs are typically, two-page publications that provide detailed information on a surveillance-specific topic specific.

Title Publication Date
Health Systems Approaches to Preventing and Managing Diabetes and Heart Disease 10/04/2022
Managing Diabetes and Heart Disease 09/24/2019
Chronic Disease in Vermont 07/05/2019
Cardiovascular Disease Risk 08/21/2018
Chronic Disease and Low Socio-Economic Status 01/17/2018
Cardiovascular Disease in Vermont 08/08/2017
Cardiovascular Events Among Adults with Diagnosed Hypertension 10/28/2016
Youth Heart Health 03/01/2013
Cardiovascular Disease in Vermonters 02/01/2013
Cardiovascular Disease Prevention 03/01/2013

Cardiovascular Disease Around Vermont

Map of Heart Disease and Stroke Death Rates

The numbers in these charts may be slightly different from what the Health Department reports elsewhere. This is because the calculation methods used by the CDC are different from how the Health Department regularly calculates death rates.

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