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Local Schools, Local Health

Your local health office works to improve the health and well-being of school-aged children in your region.

Local Health support for schools may include helping to get grants for programs like Farm-to School, Mini-millers and Safe Routes to School.

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Talk Early and Often

Parents have a major impact on whether or not their child chooses to use drugs or alcohol. 

Regular substance use by young people can have negative social impacts and harmful physical changes in the developing brain. Substance use has also been linked to anxiety, depression and suicide, especially for teens with a family history of mental illness. Parents and mentors can promote substance-free norms and prevent young people from using substances. 

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School Dental Health Programs

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The 802 Smiles Network aims to have all children in all Vermont schools experience the best possible oral health.

802 Smiles Network members receive startup supplies, technical assistance and local support implementing school-based dental programs at whatever tier that works for them. Members commit to providing the Office of Oral Health with data regarding their program.

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See resources for school, work and home to promote snacks and drinks that are oral health friendly 

Health in the School Building and Grounds

Vermont offers programs and resources to improve and maintain healthy school environments.

Chemicals used inside a school or on school grounds may contribute to poor indoor air quality that can hurt student and teacher performance and result in missed school days. Learn about these programs for healthy school environments:

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Radon in Schools
Asbestos in Schools
PCBs in Schools
Lead-based Paint in Schools
Testing for Lead in Drinking Water at Schools

The Envision Program addresses indoor air quality, which can affect students, teachers and staff. Simple steps can improve air quality. 

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Vaccine Recommendations for Your Child

Child care and school immunization requirements help keep kids safe and build community immunity

An immunization schedule lists the timing of recommended vaccinations. Following the recommended vaccination schedule protects children from 14 preventable diseases. See the CDC’s recommendations, created to protect children from diseases at the earliest time that vaccines are safe and effective. 

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Disinfecting wipes are easy to use but, because they use harsh chemical, are generally not safe for everyday classroom use. Find out more

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